SprocketList Prices

SprocketList is a free service, you may upgrade your ads or your account at anytime to the following prices.

Individual Accounts
Basic Account FREE
Club Racing Junk Membership
$6.95 per Month
$49.95 per year

Business Accounts
If interested in learning about pricing for business accounts, please click here.
Optional Ad Upgrades
1 Photo Gallery (50 Photos) $20.00 (Life of the ad)
Premiere Ad Life of Ad $20.00 (Club Members Only)
  2 Weeks $25 (Basic Members)
  4 Weeks $50 (Basic Members)
  12 Weeks $75 (Basic Members)
Featured Ad $25.00 per week (Club Members) - $30.00 per week (Basic Members)
Premier Search Placement 1 week $35 (Club Members) - $40 (Basic Members)
2 weeks $60 (Club Members) - $70 (Basic Members)
4 weeks $100 (Club Members) - $120 (Basic Members)
1 Super Sized Ad $5.00 (Life of the ad)
Newsletter Ad $25.00 per issue
1 Show a video $10.00 (Life of the ad)

Repost Options
To repost an existing ad for additonal weeks
2 Repost 4 weeks $10.00
2 Repost 8 weeks $20.00
2 Repost 12 weeks $30.00

Automatic Repost Daily $250.00 per month
Automatic Repost Weekly $150.00 per month
Automatic Repost Monthly $100.00 per month

Honor Payment
The suggested level of Honor Payment is 1% of the selling price of your item. An Honor Payment must be made to be able to take part in the Member Rating System.

Value Points
Value points are given with the level of Membership that you purchase. Club Members are given points to spend on upgrades and features. 1 Point = $.01.

1 Free for all Club Members

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